Placenta Honouring

Today we honoured our placenta in our special place, by our Rowan family tree. 

I sat on the grass with Ikey whilst Matt was digging a hole to burry our beloved placenta.

We touched the grass, we walked barefoot on the earth. I picked some wild yarrow.

Then I had a go with the spade,

Ikey was sitting and playing and eating grass, he is 8 months now, he is divine magic! We had a little touch and feel, even Isaac; the earthy and bloody smell brought me back to the day I gave birth to our son, what a powerful day it was! 

Matt said some beautiful words to thank Ikey’s placenta, he told him about our tree, and about our wedding, and called the elements.. Sweet teardrop of gratitude fell on the ground.

I said thank you to the earth for holding me during our magic birth.

I asked to be like the water, changeable and flowing. I said thank you for the air, that keep us alive. And I honoured the Fire, Isaac Wolf element.

Together we buried the placenta,

Bye bye placenta, I said and waved with Ikey on my lap. 

May you nourish our family rowan tree as you nourished baby Isaac Wolf.

Thank you earth 

Thank you universe

Thank you Ikey for choosing us, we are so blessed you are in our lives