Rowans are rooted


“Marriage is no longer a patriarchal business transaction of property and possessions, from one male head of household to another. “

Marriage for us is about the honouring and union between equals, so we decided neither to continue our matriarchal or patriarchal line.

We want our surname to reflect us and to remind us about our value in life, to pass on to our children.

We are not escaping our heritage and our ancestors. We don’t want a new identity, It is a big decision and we will sadly leave our surname behind but our families will always be rooted in our spirit.

So we decided to choose a Tree to represent our family and the beginning of our Family.

ROWAN is our new surname.

“Rowan is the tree of power, causing life and magic to flower.”

The Rowan tree has a long, sacred history: 

Since ancient times people have been planting a Rowan beside their home as in Celtic mythology it’s known as the Tree of Life and symbolises courage, wisdom and protection.

Rowan is helpful with clearing the mind and opening our inspiration. Rowan has the power to help in attuning us to nature, broadening perspectives, and making room for a deeper understanding of our place here in the universe.  It also has a significant role in protection.

We want our family to embrace this meaningful values.

When we registered Ike’s birth, we all completed legal documents to become ROWAN, and so our family tree has rooted !