Preparing for Lotus Birth

It is time for babies to be born in wholeness and stay whole. It’s time to practice birthing techniques that support the innate radiance of our babies and protect their innate Oneness. Lotus Birth is a choice, a gift from parents who recognize its significance.” –

Sunni Karll, author of Sacred Birthing

Lotus Birth creates a unique bond for the baby and their sacred passage into life.  

The  core yogic value of ahimsa, a Sanskrit term meaning to do no harm, is inherent in the primal bonding process that “all attachments will fall away of their own accord.

For our child we want to introduce the value of NON VIOLENCE from birth; we believe PEACE beginn from birth!

Spiritually and physically the baby and placenta grow as one, thriving together as a unit, they create life togheter.

Amazing transformations take place in the body of the baby as he transitions from being a water baby into a world dominated by AIR.

The birth of your placenta

When baby opens his eyes for the first time, and breathe for the first time, Mother is flooded with relaxing and loving hormones. Her intuition that -all is well – speaks to her brain that speaks to her hormones, who speak directly to the placenta, saying:

Your baby traveled from the universe to the womb to earthside and is now safe and well, ready for this lifetime earthside.

With this intuitiona and knowledge, she relaxes, the placenta completes its work, she is ready to detach and leave the mother and ready for its own birth.  Often within two or three minutes, the cord starts to feed baby progressively less oxygen to gently encourage her to breathe on her own. There is no need for a baby to cry aloud. Her lungs open gently and she breathes without stress. But hey what a wonderful sound!

Sacred lotus birth

“Leaving the cord attached to baby until it naturally falls off offers the baby and the family a rare opportunity to maintain a sacred space of patience and non-violence.”

– Robin Lim

They are things that are unseen and sometimes that can only be felt, like lotus birth. In addition to all the physical aspect of delayed cord clamp and lotus birth there is as many spiritual and emotional reason why we decided to have a lotus birth.

We want to honour our baby time on the earth, and be at peace with it. We want to observe and tune in to him, connect, and hold the space during this transition to this earthly life.

All I want for my baby is to keep him in the security of our newly born family and slows down the pace of life.  When they will be saparated, our baby will be gently shown around the house and we will take the baby outside and introduced to the stars and moon, sun and rain. These first few days will happen in perfect timing, according to our baby’s readiness.

Our baby and his placenta have been connected for 10 moons or so, we would like to acknowledge heir time together that an early separation can cause birth trauma and attachment/separation issues. NO STUDIES ARE THERE TO PROVE THIS, SORRY, BUT I DOT REALLY CARE.

I can say that babies, well certainly mine, being born at this time do not need to experience separation as their core issue, as so many of us parents have had to. My wish and intention for this generation are to move gently into Oneness, honouring all the time that is required.

Today, we are learning that a close attachment with our mothers and fathers as a child is vital and it defenitly influences adult life. We offer them infinite love and acceptance of their very own nature, time and space. The boundaries we create around them is to make them feel safe not to make them feel scared of humanity and realtionship. We don’t want them to fear abandonment, we give them what they need so they know someone is always there for them, for love and nothing in return; we want to protect them and encourage them to be free when they feel ready. We want to raise adults who honour their natural instincts and who care for others and our planet. One way we can achieve this is by abandoning our detached parenting practices and embracing gentle ways of life. As life starts with birth the best time of making changes towards a more nurturing world is by beginning with the most gentle of births and continuing with the most attached and gentle parenting.

How to prepare for LOTUS BIRTH

When the placenta is born say a big THANK YOU for keeping your baby safe and alive and well nurished.

Spend some time looking at her and acknowledging her sacredness. the baby’s side looks like a tree, the Tree of Life.

If you want to take a piece of it for a smoothie or for homoeopathic constitutional remedies and tinctures now is the time to do it.

Drain the placenta for the first 24 hours in a strainer/bowl kept next to the baby.

Wash the placenta in warm water to remove blood clots and gently pat dry. Place placenta on a cloth and let air-dry and then wrap her in a cloth with salt and herbs. Make sure the cloth is a breathable fabric allowing the cloth to absorb the fluid. (cotton, bamboo, DONT USE SYNTHETIC MATERIALS)

The salt is used to improve the drying process. You can also add essential oil, dried flowers or powdered spices for preservation. There are kits you can purchase online or you can forage your own.

I’ve’ used:

Yarrow flowers, I’ve picked on a walk in the fields in a late summer evening and let them dry for a few months; and now I read about its propreties:

Anne McIntyre shares that Yarrow:

“Helps to clarify boundaries between people: particularly useful for those who are easily influenced and depleted by others and their environment. It is for those who easily absorb negative influences, and may be prone to allergies and environmental illness. By ‘astringing’ the boundaries around a person and preventing their energies from ‘bleeding’ into their environment, it acts to strengthen and solidify the self, the essence, allowing and enhancing their ability to heal, teach, counsel or follow their chosen path.”


When I went to Italy in our land I picked these herbs: lavender, sage, rosmary and mugwort.

I prepared all of them in a glass jar with pink hymalayan salt (you can use sea salt or rock salt or a mixture of all of them)

Ive used some extra Rosemary essential oil and also some crystal such as rose quartz and black tourmaline amethyst and lapislazuli

You can purchase a placenta bag (or DIY your own) to safely store the placenta during its drying stage. I made my own: like this:

Its says THANK YOU 🙂

Make sure to place the placenta close to the baby to avoid tugging on the cord. Be aware of the placenta when feeding or holding your baby. Your little one could be sensitive to the touch of the cord and placenta. As the placenta dries, the cord will become brittle until it falls off naturally. .

What happens to the placenta after it has detached from the baby?

Once the placenta separates – normally takes 3-7 days, you can decide if you want to storeher in a freezer to keep for future use or use it. Some families choose to honour the placenta by burying it and often perform a ritual, which may include planting a tree over the placenta.

This is Pincha and her lotus placenta, she was on day old. I’ve had the honour to look after them back in 2013 in Malaysia. She was the very first Lotus birth ever done in Kuala Lumpur and her little brother Andre was a lotus birth to, a few years after.

I’m looking forward to the sacred time after birth, when the days go slow and the nights are for love, milk and staring at the stars and the moon; we will look into each other soul and let the magic unfold.